25 May

If you’re running your own trucking business or working as an independent owner-operator, you exactly know the importance of good, top-paying, and consistent loads for the success of your business. It wouldn’t be wrong to say the quality loads work as Oxygen for your trucking business because they source your income and profit. It’s also true that finding good loads to keep your trucking business on the track to success is one of the challenging tasks, especially when your business is new. As an owner-operator or trucker, you’ve two options to find loads for your fleet; use a load board to search loads or negotiate with brokers or shippers to get loads. In both cases, there’s no guarantee of success, plus you’ve to give a big portion of the significant time that you are supposed to spend on the road in making shipments.

However, there’s a third option that not only provides you with quality loads but also manages your back-office operations and administrative tasks on your behalf so you can put your utmost attention on making on-time shipments on the road. This third option is Truck Dispatch Services provided by a professional dispatching company.

Truck Dispatch Services have become almost imperative for running a successful trucking business. You might be thinking, why is it so? Let’s find out!

Why are Dispatching Services Important for Your Trucking Business?

· Truck Dispatch Services always keep your fleet loaded with high-paying loads.

A Professional Dispatch Company like DATLA LOGISTICS knows how to make you earn the most out of your fleet. It provides you with consistent lucrative loads to give a powerful boost to your business’ revenue. Hiring the services of a professional dispatching company is just like removing a huge responsibility of finding loads off your shoulders. The professional dispatcher often connects you with loads faster than you would be able to do on your own; this means you run fewer empty miles.

· Brokers Negotiations

To find loads for your fleet, you have to negotiate with brokers for hours but not with high-quality dispatching services. The dispatching company you partnered with is responsible for conducting brokers negotiations to find consistent loads for you at high rates.

· Back-end Business Operations and Administrative Tasks

A professional dispatching company offers you the freedom to focus on what you love to do – Driving on the road. The experienced and qualified dispatchers will take care of all the back-end business operations and administrative tasks on your behalf, such as:

  • Paperwork Handling
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Email and Fax Documents
  • Route Optimization
  • Factoring Services
  • Drivers Support
  • Load Booking
  • Load Scheduling
  • Brokers Credit Check
· Dedicated Professional Dispatcher

A professional Dispatching company provides you with a dedicated, experienced, and trained dispatcher to help you handle all tasks and responsibilities of your trucking business, from booking a load to the completion of shipment. It means that you’ll have a professional dispatch agent who can understand your custom requirements and negotiate the profitable loads for you.

· Free Business and planning reports

While delivering shipments on the road, you usually have no time to analyze your trucking business’s progress or plan ahead for the upcoming days. A professional dispatcher will also do it for you by providing weekly and monthly detailed reports of your business performance with suggestions for improvement.

· Absolutely No Force Dispatch

If you think that a professional dispatcher will force you to haul any load against your will, that’s merely a misconception. A professional dispatcher will never force you to take loads you don’t want to haul. Depending on your financial priorities and load-hauling plans, you’ll have complete authority to take loads you want to haul.

· 24/7 Driver Assistance

Are you looking for a dynamic logistics force that can assist your drivers throughout the course of shipment delivery? You can trust a professional dispatching company that will assist your drivers in helping avoid any bottlenecks or hazards you’re unaware of.

Datla Logistics is a truck dispatching and freight shipping company. If you’re looking for truck dispatching services or freight shipping, contact us today!