21 June

A trucker’s rest stop is a place of comfort for pro truck drivers. It’s the best friend of a professional truck driver serving as an oasis in the middle of a tiresome thousand-mile trip. Truckers stay at rest stops to relax before hitting the road again. However, there’re some crucial things related to staying at rest stops that most truckers don’t know. For example, a lot of security issues are related to sleeping at a rest stop and parking your truck there. This article serves as a guide about some most important things that you should know before choosing to stay at a rest stop. 

How To Find A Nearby Rest Stop?

You can easily find a nearby truck rest stop in two common ways:

  • Highway Signs

The highway has signs on the road that let you know about a nearby rest stop. These signs are easy to understand and a great way to locate the places where you can rest. 

  • Truck Driving Apps

A wide range of truck driving apps is available that help you find nearby rest stops where you can enjoy sleeping, especially at night. Some popular truck driving apps include Park My Truck and Allstays Camp & RV.

What to Look for while choosing a Rest Stop

There Are some essential amenities that you should look out for when choosing a rest stop, such as:

  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Electric Hookup
  • Parking Space
  • Free Dumps
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Drinking water
  • Vending machines

Besides these amenities, security is the most important thing you should look for. Surprisingly, there are only a few rest stops with proper security arrangements. Always choose a rest stop that guarantees safety and security for you and your truck. 

Important things that Truckers should know before staying at a rest stop

Now, you have chosen your rest stop with all the necessary amenities and security arrangements. Still, there are some essential things that you must know before sleeping at a rest stop. We’re discussing all these things in the form of tips here.

  • Keep Necessary things and protective items with You at Rest Stops

While preparing yourself and your truck for a long-haul trip, don’t forget to pack some necessary things and protective items that can come in handy when you stay at a rest stop, such as:

  • Flashlight
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • Shower Bag
  • Sleeping Bag and a spare pillow
  • Antibacterial soap or wipes
  • Gloves 
  • Extra food

These things can help you deal with an emergency. We recommend double-checking these items before leaving for a long-haul trip. 

  • Get to Your Rest Stop as soon as You can 

Getting to your rest stop late in the night could make it difficult for you to find a sleeping place as the space may be filled up already. Therefore, try your best to get to your rest stop earlier, at least by mid-afternoon. You might be thinking that what would be the benefit of reaching the rest stop earlier if sleeping space may be filled already? If that is the case, you would have time to find other truck rest stops nearby that have vacant sleeping spaces. Therefore, reaching your rest stop earlier allows you to implement your backup plan if space is unavailable at the chosen rest stop. 

  • Keep Yourself close to the other truckers.

If your chosen rest stop is located in an isolated or deserted area, look for any other rest stop where many truckers are staying for the night. Don’t isolate yourself, as it can jeopardize your security and safety.

  • Scan the Rest stop for possible security issues before sleeping

Another advantage of reaching your rest stop earlier is that you have a chance to scan your rest stop for any potential security issues. Don’t hesitate to leave that place immediately if you see anything suspicious or criminal activity. 

  • Travel With Protective Devices 

You must have protective devices like emergency flashlights, power backup, a mobile phone, and a GPS tracker to help you in emergencies. 

  • Park Your Truck at a place where back out is not difficult

In emergencies, you may need to get back to your truck quickly to leave the place. You can’t do that if your truck is parked at a place where back out is difficult. So, try to park your truck somewhere you can easily back out when required.

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