Truck Dispatch Services

Our truck dispatch services ensure to keep your truck moving. You focus on driving while we book profitable loads.

Truck Dispatch Service For Owner Operators!

Keeping You on The Road with Quality Loads is What We Specialize to Do! Our Truck Dispatch Services are tailormade to give You the Freedom to Focus on What You Love to Do, "Driving."

Do you know why most owner-operators fail in their first year of business? Well, in 99% of cases, they fail because of their inability to find quality loads that act as fuel for trucking businesses. The time-consuming management of back-office tasks is another contributor to their failure. The only solution to prevent this failure is Truck Dispatch Services provided by a professional dispatch company. If you’re also an Owner-Operator or carrier looking for the success of your trucking business through getting state-of-the-art Truck Dispatch Services, you don’t have to go anywhere, as DATLA LOGISTICS is here to help!

We are a professional truck dispatch company that provides dependable, customized truck dispatch services to a wide range of carriers and owner-operators. We, as Your companion in Your Trucking Business, will take care of all your back-office tasks on your behalf, so you can focus only on scheduled deliveries. We’ll help you become more profitable by innovative ways to Truck Dispatch. Finding quality loads for You and negotiating high rates with brokers and shippers is one the major aspects of our truck dispatch service. Being a professional truck dispatcher, we understand the frustration and difficulties you face in searching load boards as carriers. We also understand the effort you invest in calling brokers and handling paperwork with paying for copies and faxes, etc. But it’s time to say goodbye to these all old-fashioned, trivial practices that are giving you nothing but tension. Providing peace of mind is the most significant goal of our truck dispatch services so you can get a worry- and hassle-free experience while on the road.

Besides rate negotiations and back-end business operations, we also provide you with roadside assistance and route optimization so you can save both money and time on your deliveries. We have a team comprised of highly qualified and experienced freight dispatchers that exactly know how to get the most money for your truck.

Why Choose DATLA LOGISTICS As Your Truck Dispatcher?

  • Broad-Range Truck Dispatch Services tailormade to meet Your specific business needs.
  • Rate Negotiations with Shippers and Brokers
  • Credit Check for Brokers
  • Free Invoicing
  • Complete Paperwork handling
  • Compensation for Accessorial Charges related to the delivery or load
  • High Rates
  • Quality Loads and Freight
  • 24/7 Steadfast Back-Office Support
  • Route Optimization
  • Trip Planning

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Founded in 2018, DATLA LOGISTICS is a veteran-owned dynamic logistics company specializing in providing reliable, dependable, state-of-the-art advanced technology-based Freight Shipping and Dispatching Services nationwide.

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