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Power Only Dispatch Services

Grow Your Power Only Trucking Business with State-of-the-art Dispatch Services Provided by Professional Freight Dispatchers!


power only dispatch servicesDATLA LOGISTICS is a veteran-owned dynamic logistics force specialized in providing Quality Oriented Power Only Truck Dispatch Service for small trucking companies, fleet, and owner-operators. Our team of professional dispatchers makes it easy to find lucrative, consistent power-only loads to help you make the most out of your trucking business. With our Dispatch Services, you’ll never have to sit idle again as our logistics experts are experts who will find suitable shippers that need power only trucking services.

Finding loads is slightly more difficult if you’re running the power only trucking business because of high competition, but we know the art of conducting negotiations with brokers to get the best rates for you.

Besides helping your find loads, your business management and administrative tasks are our responsibility. With us in your help, you’ll no longer have to worry about planning loads, dispatching drivers, handling paperwork, or negotiating with brokers. Our team works hard so you can do what you do best – drive.

Why is DATLA LOGISTICS a Trusted Power Only Dispatch Services Provider?

It’s our mission and vision to help you take your power only trucking business to the glory of success by providing trustworthy dispatch services. DATLA LOGISTICS can handle all the overwhelming business-related matters on your behalf so you can place your focus where it matters the most. Whether it’s fuel receipts or a matter of credit checking, we’ll never disappoint You!

We acknowledge your urgency to shiploads successfully and on time. That’s why we want to eliminate all the hurdles that can impede your way to success by shifting a load of paperwork and endless document management from your shoulders to ours. Our team is completely aware of your loads-to-trucks ratio and ready to go above or beyond to find suitable, lucrative loads for you.

Route Optimization is one of our significant dispatching services. Selecting a suitable, short, safe, and reliable route is a key to making on-time and efficient deliveries, and that’s what we are going to do for you. From the start of shipment to the completion of delivery, we stay in touch with the truck drivers to guide you about all aspects of transportation.

Trust DATLA LOGISTICS as Your premier Power Only Truck Dispatch Partner!

Personal Dispatcher

You will be assigned your own personal dispatcher.

No Force Dispatch

You're not obligated to take a load that we book for your truck.

High Paying Loads

As experience truck drivers, we won't put you on a load that we won't take.

Broker & Shipper Check

We only book loads with brokers and shippers that's approved through our credit tool.