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We specialize in helping shippers & brokers get their shipment delivered to their customers in a timely manner.

Premier Logistics Carrier Services
for OVER-THE-ROAD Shipment!

You Can Count On Us For All Your Short-Haul and Long-Haul Freight Shipment Needs

Logistics Carrier Services play the role of the backbone in a shipping business because it serves as a medium to transport products or creations from manufacturers to consumers. If you’re a shipper or broker who is looking for efficient logistics carrier services to meet Your shipment needs, you can rely on DATLA LOGISTICS because we’re the best of the best in the logistics industry. We have a wide network of professional and experienced carriers to provide you tailormade transportation solutions that best suit your specific shipment needs. Being the Industry Leader, we exactly know how important it is for you to maintain a streamlined supply chain, and therefore DATLA LOGISTICS is come up as Your savior when it comes to boasting and optimizing your supply chain. Unlike other logistics companies, the only thing we care about is Your Success!

To take our Logistics Carrier Services to the next level, we consistently invest in our equipment and staff training. Our transportation equipment is well-maintained and equipped with the latest logistics management technology to add value to Your Business by saving you both money and time. On-Time Deliveries at affordable rates are the Trademark of DATLA LOGISTICS. Whether You’re a shipper, manufacturer, or broker, our focus is only on helping you get your loads and freights where they need to be. Customer Satisfaction is our passion; that’s why we handle one transaction at a time. For us, each of our customers is like a family member, and we know how to serve them.

DATLA LOGISTICS has a guaranteed capacity to cater to your shipment needs whether you want to get logistics services once a week or multiple times a day. We transport loads of almost every kind of freight thanks to our solid, diverse network of carriers. With Our Logistics Carrier Services, you can completely focus on your business growth with confidence, comfort, and peace of mind because the country’s most trusted logistics company is at your side. Delivering Your products on time by following international safety protocols is what we do the best. Give Us an Opportunity, and You’ll never regret that!

Why Choose Datla Logistics?

  • Cost-Effective, Quick, and On-Time Deliveries
  • Versatile Logistics Carrier Services
  • Constant and Real-Time Tracking of Your Products or Cargo to ensure a safe and secure delivery
  • Door-To-Door Services
  • 24/7 Steadfast Support

What Me Move:

  • Dry Van
  • Flatbed/Stepdeck
  • Reefer
  • 26ft Box Trucks

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Founded in 2018, DATLA LOGISTICS is a veteran-owned dynamic logistics company specializing in providing reliable, dependable, state-of-the-art advanced technology-based Freight Shipping and Dispatching Services nationwide.

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