Flatbed Dispatch Service

Our dispatching services ensure to keep your flatbed truck moving. You focus on driving while we book profitable loads.

Flatbed Dispatch Service For Owner Operators & Fleet Carriers!

Tailormade Dispatch Solutions to make Flatbed Trucking Lucrative for You!

Flatbed trucking is a workhorse used to transport heavy loads and a large amount of cargo from one place to another safely and efficiently. Commercial industries that need affordable transport to maintain their supply chain are the chief beneficiaries of Flatbed trucking.

If you’re running a small Flatbed trucking company, fleet, or working as an independent Flatbed trucking operator, you’re more likely to be successful in the logistics industry, but for that, you need a dynamic workforce that can handle the back end and office responsibilities for your trucking business. It’s true in every respect that you can’t manage all your business operations while being on the road for making deliveries for your client.

You need a business companion that can handle all your business-related tasks like invoicing, routing issues, last-minute changes or shifting schedules, etc. Luckily, you have DATLA LOGISTICS on your side as Your reliable and dependable professional Freight Dispatchers. We are an industry leader in Flatbed Dispatch services to ensure your fleet has loads to deliver, stays on schedule, and meets customer requirements.

Regardless of your Flatbed trucking fleet’s size, you’ll find us voracious in handling your everyday routine tasks. Our professional dispatchers know how to scout load boards to keep you moving on the roads. With DATLA LOGISTICS on Your Side, you can rest assured that your Flatbed trailers will never stay empty. We will provide you with the freedom to focus on the growth of your business instead of crunching invoices, paperwork, and billing.

Why We are the Best Flatbed Freight Dispatchers?

– Our Dispatch Solutions are a bridge between You and Lucrative Loads.

Flatbed Trucking is undoubtedly an expensive investment, and the only way to make it lucrative for you is to get consistent and quality loads to haul. That’s what we are going to help you with as your business companion. We’ll find highly profitable and quality loads for you so you can achieve a serious return on your investment. Our professional dispatchers will negotiate with brokers and shippers to get high and competitive rates for you.

– Handling of Paperwork, Invoices, and Billing

You can’t focus on making fast and efficient deliveries for your client if you’ve to manage your paperwork, billing, and invoices as well. Counting on Us provides you freedom from all such responsibilities as Our professional freight dispatcher will handle all your business paperwork such as broker credit, billing, invoicing, loads scheduling, load planning, and business documents.

– Best Route Optimization with Steadfast Support for Truck Drivers

From load planning to successful delivery of loads, we stay in contact with your truck drivers throughout the course of shipment. Our professional dispatchers help you in route optimization to save you both money and time. With steadfast support, we ensure to provide a glorious trucking experience to your clients so they can come again to you.

DATLA LOGISTICS is working to alleviate the administrative burden of Your Flatbed Trucking Business


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